Prostate Cancer Survivor / Author / President

Watch Video – Panelist Discussion: How Will Increased Telemedicine Impact the Prostate Cancer Racial Disparity?

A 2nd generation prostate cancer survivor and advocate on proactive prostate cancer health.

  • President and co-founder of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Alliance-DMV (PCAA-DMV) – a non-profit focused on helping men to – Get a GRIP on Prostate Cancer – through educational and informational interactive sessions highlighting prostate cancer treatment centers and cancer support services within the DMV and through shared survivor stories.
  • Co-author on family prostate cancer book – “Prostate Cancer – a Family Affair”
  • Career spans over three decades in information technology as a Cybersecurity Officer/Enterprise Solutions Architect.
  • Master martial arts instructor/practitioner for more than 49 years in seven styles. Currently teaching – Tang Soo Do, Tai Chi, and self-defense – Silver Spring, MD.
  • Avid cyclist – averaging 50mi plus/week
  • A father, son, and husband
  • 5-year proactive prostate cancer survivor – April 19th – second birthday on life.