Senior Outreach Coordinator & "Men Take Ten" Program Manager

Senior Outreach Coordinator & "Men Take Ten" Program Manager

Howard University Cancer Center

A native of Newberry (SC), Clinton earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fayetteville State University (NC). He also earned a master’s degree in public health from Howard University in Washington, DC. During his time in NC, Clinton was a research assistant and was introduced to the study of prostate cancer and barriers to screening for black men. He also gained experience as a behavioral specialist within the Department of Corrections, witnessing controlled and uncontrolled mental illness, all while learning ways to effectively communicate with incarcerated men, regardless of their background.

After getting married and relocating to the Washington DC area, Mr. Burnside supported several Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) by conducting clinical trials in the Rockville and Baltimore, MD areas. During which time, Clinton successfully executed Phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials, playing a role in the FDA approval of several prescription and over the counter medications.

Returning to academia in 2010, Clinton joined the Howard University Cancer Center (HUCC) where he helps to provide cancer education throughout the community, in addition to helping recruit participates into various clinical research trials. Today, his primary interests include helping men learn more about their health and making informed decisions to improve their health. He has a specific research interest in prostate cancer among men of color. Clinton’s overall objective is to improve health equity for all men by addressing, health literacy, barriers to screening, informed decision-making, and clinical trial participation. As a Senior Outreach Coordinator, Clinton spends time establishing and building relationships with faith-based, community-based, academic, and commercial partners leading to strong collaborations that expand the reach and impact on the overall health of men. In addition, Clinton also manages the “Men Take Ten” men’s health program. This program is an education, early detection, and support program, which help men understand and make informed decisions about their health, while connecting with other men for support.

As a man of God, Mr. Burnside is celebrating more than 21 years of marriage to his wife, Angela, and their three adult children DeLayfette, Dalasia, and Darius. Through it all, Clinton remains committed to his faith, his family, and his passion to address and eliminate health disparities, especially among Black men.