Session IV: September 27, 2023

Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories and New Approved Therapies

Prostate cancer survivor stories offer vital learning experiences and inspiration for other patients. This session will feature personal narratives from survivors with lessons that can benefit others navigating similar prostate cancer journeys. This session will also include presentations showcasing recently FDA-approved prostate cancer diagnostics and therapeutics that are now available for patients.

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Session IV Agenda

Welcome and Opening Remarks: Mr. Thomas Farrington, President and Founder, PHEN

Moderator: Mr. Barney Morris, PHEN Ambassador, Tampa, FL

Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories

Newly FDA-Approved Prostate Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Moderator: Keith Crawford, MD, PhD,  Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education, PHEN

Impact of Diet and Exercise on Prostate Cancer Progression in Men:

      • June Chan, ScD, Professor & Vice Chair for Education, University of California, San Francisco
      • Stacey A. Kenfield, ScD, Professor, Associate Chair of Research, Urology at University of California, San Francisco

Closing Remarks: Mr. Thomas Farrington


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