2022 Session Two

Session II: September 14, 2022

Educating and Mobilizing African American Communities in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

PHEN launched its “Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally” in 2021 as a national effort to raise awareness and mobilize support in the fight against prostate cancer within African American communities. The Disparity Rally continues in 2022 with rallies expanding to additional cities. This session will review rally activities and results, and bring together leaders and patients who have participated to discuss impacts. The session will also address continuing efforts that are needed to educate, mobilize, support and empower these communities towards eliminating the prostate cancer racial disparity.

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Welcome and Opening RemarksMr. Thomas Farrington, President and Founder, PHEN     Watch Video

          • Statement on the needs for prostate cancer community outreach and awareness

    Disparity Rally Overview: Adrian Backus, JD, MDiv, Director of Church Partnerships and Outreach, PHEN     Watch Video

          • An overview of PHEN’s Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally objectives and review of its 2-year program including highlights, demographics, statistics, and results

    Panel Discussion: Community Impact, Ongoing Activity, Lessons Learned and Moving Forward     Watch Video

    Questions and Answers

    Closing Remarks: Mr. Thomas Farrington


    PHEN thanks its sponsors for their invaluable support of the 2022 Summit.